Monrovia - Deputy Transport Minister for Rails and Transport, Juanita Traub-Bropleh says the refusal of drivers to insure their vehicles remains a major challenge to the Ministry. She refuted claims by some drivers that the vehicles do not have plates due to delay from the Ministry make these plates available. Bropleh spoke at an interactive workshop with the Liberia National Police. The workshop targeted the display and categories of plates.

Bropleh said duplication of the plates will be tough based on the features it has. “Those features on the plates are hard to remove so we are asked you the officers to perfectly look at documents so that we track down the criminals.”

Minister Bropleh pleaded with security personnel to track violators as the new plates are not stationed one county. “We cannot tell drivers and car owners to be stationed in one county but we are working on decentralizing the issuance of plates. What we can say is if there are violators found in other counties with different county flag, we plead with security personnel to arrest them.”

Giving a power point presentation, Morris Gobah of the Ministry of Transport disclosed that there are seven categories namely, A, B, C, H, M, T. Displaying a plate, he said ‘A represents previous plates that carried BC, NG, and a county flag and a date and year.

At first most of the Government cars bear RL but Gobah said the new Government plates will be seen as LB instead of RL, “Legislators plates will be change to LB-22 R, senate LB-25S Executive members 23E while the Judiciary will have Jud 1 and it only includes 5 plates, every other staffer will bear the general plates.” He continued: “US Ambassador 1CMD1 while other diplomats will carry 1CD1, Guest 123 G, UN 1234 and Motorcycles M1234 and so forth.

The Ministry of Transport Presenter said the plate is expected to last for 5 years and feature of the general and Governmental plates will not be reflected on the NGO and Country’s diplomat. For her part, Deputy Police Director for Administration Sadatu Reeves commended the Transport Ministry for the forum adding that the interactive workshop is long overdue.

She pledged that the LNP will collaborate with its partners in enforcing the displacement of plates on vehicles. The interactive forum was filled with Traffic officers and motor insurance officers as they were seen eager to understand which plate should be used for a particular vehicle.