Monrovia - In the wake on ongoing drawdown of UNMIL’s drawdown from Liberia, a member of the Liberian national Legislature is requesting the UN to reserve a huge presence of its troops in Liberia.

Representative Bhofal Chambers (CDC-District #2, Maryland County) in his communication to the plenary of the House of Representatives Thursday craved the indulgence of his colleagues to have the United Nations, through the special Representatives of the secretary General, written to ensure that a sizeable component of its security force is kept in Liberia.

“At least 10,000 should be kept on the ground, during and after the 2017 elections, when affecting its draw-down on the United Nations Security personnel. My request is based on the fact that the United Nations has done excellently well in ensuring and fostering peace in Liberia and the sub-region, and the need exists now more than ever before, for the maintenance of such peaceful atmosphere to void its derailment,” his communication noted.

UNMIL drawdown

The UN Security Council on April 2 2015   authorized the resumption of drawdown for the United Nations Mission in Liberia (UNMIL) — suspended since September due to the Ebola outbreak — and narrowed its mandate to exclude assistance for senatorial elections that were held in December 2014.

Through the unanimous adoption of resolution 2215 (2015) under United Nations Charter Chapter VII, the Council endorsed the Secretary-General’s 15 March 2015 recommendation on the drawdown of UNMIL uniformed personnel, authorizing him to carry out the drawdown’s third phase to arrive at a military ceiling of 3,590 personnel, and reduce the police ceiling to 1,515 personnel — both by September 2015.  The Mission’s mandate would no longer include support for senatorial elections, outlined in resolution 2190 (2014).

By other terms, the Council reaffirmed its expectation that the Government would fully assume its complete security responsibilities no later than 30 June 2016, as well as its intention to consider the Mission’s continued reconfiguration.  It requested the Secretary-General to continue to streamline UNMIL activities across its civilian, police and military components and to consolidate its presence in line with the security transition. In that context, the Council called on Liberia and Côte d’Ivoire to continue reinforcing cooperation, particularly on the border area, and on United Nations entities in those countries to support those authorities.

(Resolution 2190 (2014) had requested the Secretary-General to provide an update no later than 15 March 2015 on the situation in Liberia, especially an assessment of the impact of the Ebola outbreak on the stability of Liberia and options for resuming the drawdown of UNMIL’s military strength, in line with the goal of completing the security transition.)