Monrovia - As gross as this may seem, I feel strongly obligated to sharing this photo and the story behind it.

The administration of the J. W. Harris Memorial School in Banjor was Wednesday morning the scene of an investigation wherein they were accused of child abuse.

The administration put up a strong defense, claiming that this was a form of discipline as their handbook states "students will be disciplined for acts contrary to its rules and regulations". Well, it is alleged that this student was caught spying during a test and this is what was prescribed as discipline.

Is this child abuse or discipline? What would you do if this child was yours? Though, this child isn't mine, I am taking the liberty of writing a formal report to the Ministry of Education with a copy of this photo as proof.

I also have other photos of students going to a well with a teacher holding a cane behind them to draw water that I am enclosing in my letter and requesting the ministry's intervention. This too is Liberia!