The average mark achieved by Grade 9 who wrote the 2014 Annual National Assessment (ANA) for Mathematics is 10.8%. Only 3% achieved more than 50%. These results prompted The ANSWER Series (TAS)to challenge this dire situation by initiating the #PassRateChallenge crowdfunding campaign.

TAS publishes and produces quality study guides for high school learners from concept to delivery. They are a Cape Town-based family business with a big heart and a huge passion for education and for our country. In celebration of its 40th year of operation TAS have created a platform where together we can raise the bar in Mathematics in South Africa.

“Grade 9 is a turning point for teenagers. By supporting learners in Maths at this early level, there is a far greater likelihood that they will make fitting subject choices, remain in school and go on to be successful in matric. This will improve their chances of qualifying for further education, thus making a positive and significant contribution to the national economy” says George Eadie (The Answer Series Strategist). The #PassRateChallenge crowdfunding campaign was launched today, 15 April. The aim of this nationwide campaign is to radically improve achievement in Mathematics by funding the provision of effective study guides to at least 20 000 Grade 9s.

The #PassRateChallenge campaign challenges South Africans to visit its crowdfunding page on the Thundafund site and purchase one or many Grade 9 maths study guides which will be delivered to the 20 000 learners who need it the most. TAS is making an unlimited number of these study guides available at a break-even cost of R49 each. This includes printing and delivery of books to each learner.

George explains, “By supporting our campaign, you will receive some awesome rewards such as unique artworks, T-shirts and notepads to name a few. We have also partnered with a select group of companies and people who have really wanted to get involved and do whatever they can to help support us on our mission,” he continues, “GetSmarter, in partnership with the University of Cape Town has sponsored online Short Courses to the value of R10 000 each. EDRO, an innovative company that provides learning through robotics curriculums at schools, have sponsored a rewards package where the purchaser will receive one of their build-able and programmable robots. The Parlotones frontman, Kahn Morbee has sponsored three of our rewards that allow purchasers to download between one and all of his songs from his new album SALT. “

Study Guide Proven Success Rate- Project Jika

Over the past 5 years TAS has provided free study guides to two schools, namely Reuben Ntuli Secondary School in the Eastern Cape and Shayandima Secondary School in Limpopo as part of an initiative called Project Jika. These schools were selected with the help of the Provincial Education Departments from the group of underperforming schools. Since then, the matric pass rates of each school have improved drastically from 18% to 84% and 30% to 96.6% respectively.

About The Answer Series

The Answer is an educational publishing company based in Cape Town that specialises in producing study guides for high school learners throughout South Africa. Established in 1975, we are constantly expanding our range of guides and updating content to stay abreast of curriculum changes. The guides are designed to enrich the understanding of learners and provide essential exam technique and practice. Learners can work independently, or the guides can be used in the classroom. Each guide is written by subject specialists and provides invaluable support for all learners wanting to make a success of their matric exams.