“We’re proud to partner with you and we intend to see this through until the job is done.” -   U.S. President Barack Obama during a meeting at the White House in Washington, D.C. with leaders of  three West African countries worst hit by the Ebola virus disease Wednesday

Monrovia - Three West African countries hardly hit by the worse ever outbreak of the deadly Ebola virus continue to gain hope of recovery from the aftermath of the virus with assurances of support from international partners. Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea have been plagued by the virus which has killed thousands of people in all three countries since the virus first started in Guinea before spreading to the remaining two countries.

Amongst the three countries Liberia has shown significant improvement in defeating the virus and has now gone 26 days since the case confirmed case and 18 days following the last safe burial of an Ebola victim. Guinea and Sierra Leone are struggling to contain their outbreaks even though they are also showing signs of improvement, but United States President Barrack Obama has told the leaders of the three countries to avoid complacency and work to completely defeat the virus.

In a meeting with leaders of the three countries, President Obama reiterated that US will continue to help the countries until the disease is fully eradicated. “We’re proud to partner with you and we intend to see this through until the job is done,” President Obama said during a meeting at the White House in Washington, D.C. Wednesday.

According to a Washington dispatch, the West African leaders, including Presidents Ellen Johnson Sirleaf of Liberia, Alpha Conde of Guinea and Ernest Bai Koroma of Sierra Leone were invited by President Obama “assess progress today and to look ahead.”

Unpredictable virus

President Obama warned that the Ebola virus is unpredictable praising Liberia which, he said, has no new case, while there were fewer than 40 cases in the region last week, the lowest in more than a year. The US President is attributing the success in Liberia to the efforts of the communities, who he said were determined to protect their lives and livelihood.

President Obama: “Major progress, now we’re focused on a major shared goal, and that is getting to zero. We can’t get complacent. This virus is unpredictable.” President Obama indicated that Ebola has also damaged the economies of the affected countries, and reiterated U.S. assistance for the region’s economic recovery.

Liberia was the worst hit by the virus during the period June to October reporting more deaths and cases before huge international efforts supported by the United States and other international partners put the situation under control. Ebola became a threat to the world when cases of the virus spread from Liberia to the United States, Spain, Nigeria and other countries raising fears that should the outbreak continues the entire world stand to be at risk.

Patrick Sawyer, a Liberian transported the virus to Nigeria while two American nurses working in Liberia were diagnosed of the virus and transferred to their country for treatment. The United became more threatening when Eric Duncan, a Liberian national arrived on American soil and tested positive of Ebola with the nurse who treated Duncan also testing positive.

The United States dispatched a team of Navy officers to the country and assisted with the construction of Ebola Treatment Units to provide treatment facilities for the sick many of whom were lying on the streets due to limited bed capacities. Beginning December, 2014, Liberia’s outbreak was to a larger extent put under control with ETUs becoming empty, but yet there were fewer cases reported mainly in Monrovia until March 12 when the last confirmed case of the virus was released from the Chinese run ETU.

The country began counting 42 days to be declared Ebola free until another case was reported from the Caldwell Community on the Bushrod Island with Ruth Tugbeh, a 44-year old woman being diagnosed positive of the virus. The United States is a long standing partner to Liberia and has assisted the country during many crisis periods with Ebola being the latest.

Liberia is now on the path of recovery from Ebola and is soliciting international support to rebuild its economy after nearly one year of collapse due to the virus. The European Union and other international partners have all pledged support to the country recovery efforts and the commitment by President Obama will come as a huge relief to the country.