Monrovia - The wife of former Liberian President Samuel Doe, Nancy Doe has criticized former officials of Grand Gedeh County for doing nothing for the people of the County. She said past leaders of the county have done nothing for the county they boast of in public places. She criticized the past officials from Grand Gedeh for doing little or nothing to effect major decision making processes in the County.

Recounting the memory of her late husband, Madam Nancy Doe said the late president Samuel Doe lived and died as a savior for the ordinary Liberians.  She described former president Doe as savior who came to Liberia to save the Liberian people from their suffering, saying wicked people went against her husband and killed him for nothing.

In 1990, deposed Liberian strongman Samuel Kanyon Doe was tortured and summarily executed in Monrovia by Prince Y. Johnson and gruesomely filmed in the process. Doe had come to power killing his predecessors — personally murdering, some sources say, President William Tolbert in 1980, then executing his chief aides and several officials of government.

Speaking at a reunification program for Grand Gedeh Citizens residing in Monrovia on Monday, April 14, 2015, former Liberian first lady Nancy Doe called for the robust development of Grand Gedeh County. She wants Grand Gedians to unite and put their differences aside, despite what some Liberians will say about county residents.

"We know there still a bad blood between some people of Grand Gedeh and Nimba but I want for us as Grand Gedians to first love each other as we move on to forgive others outside of our county," she told the FrontPageAfrica in an interview after the program.

Many believe there's still a bitter feeling between the people of Nimba and Grand Gedeh Counties for the murder of former president Doe who hailed from Grand Gedeh by Nimba County Senator Prince Johnson. Madam Doe in a chat with the FPA said she’s prepared to bring together the people of Grand Gedeh County. She explained that nothing should stop the unity of Grand Gedians especially where Liberia is pushing for development.

Speaking earlier at the program Grand Gedeh County Senator Marshall Dennis stressed that unity is a driving force behind development and called for togetherness in the county. He said the gathering was intended to gather stakeholders from the county together and discuss meaningful ideas, intended to drive development in the county.