Two of the five inmates released from the Monrovia Central Prison

 “Wherefore, in view of the forgoing, the petition for probation is hereby granted, and the five defendants are advised not to commit any criminal offense or offenses during the period of their probation” Judge Peter Gbeneweleh

Monrovia - At least five inmates were set free by the presiding judge of Criminal court C’ Peter Gbeneweleh at the Temple of justice.  Isaiah Binda, Charles Nah, Ebenezer Elliot, Adolphus Doeteh, and Abraham Kparka were released following a motion filed by the Public Defense office. During the probation hearing Thursday, the five inmates were seen in a joyous mood for their release. Atty. Jerry Garlawolo, who represented the prosecution, requested the court to set some conditions for three of the defendants on grounds that the probation record does not show that they were on probation.

“Respondent says to co-movant Isaiah Binda, Charles Nah, Ebenezer Elliot, their present reports do not carry conditions of their probation, therefore we request court to set conditions of suspension 33.2 so as to serve as a deterrent for the commission for which they have currently been held; thereafter, we pose no objection.” He said

Atty. Garlawolo continued: “Prosecution also prayed the court to allow the three co-defendants/co-movants are made to perform one hundred and forty hours unpaid communities’ services are made by your honor.” In his ruling, judge Gbeneweleh said the five were released, but advised that they do not commit criminal offences during their period of probation.” He ordered them to report to the office of the division of probation that they will ascertain their condition.

“They are also ordered to perform 144 hours of unpaid community services within their respective communities, they may either work to hours on Mondays, Wednesday and Fridays, or three hours on Tuesdays and Thursdays, they also have their option to work six hours on Fridays.” Judge Gbeneweleh said. He continued: As co-defendant Adolphous Doeteh of Jamaica Road agreed to restitute US$1,200.00 which is fifty percent of the total sum of US$2,400.00 to the private prosecutor Victor Kpakala to serve as a deterrent beside the community service.’

“The clerk of this court is hereby ordered to issue a release to the place same in the hand of the sheriff to have the five defendants release from further detention and have said defendants' place in the hands of the Division of supervision of the defendants while performing their services during their probation period.” The criminal Court Judge said

Meanwhile, some of the release inmates told FPA that they were overwhelmed by the court’s decision. They promised not to return to the charges brought against them, but to be a new citizen.