OVER LAST FEW days, tension has heightened in Liberia after delegates at a constitutional review process in Gbarnga, Bong County voted to make Liberia a Christian nation through constitutional provision.

SINCE THE DECISION in Gbarnga, several Liberians have taken to radios, newspapers, social media and through other platforms expressing anger over the decision which has not yet been endorsed by the majority of the Liberian people.

Some are second-guessing how Liberians will decide on the issue and are threatening secession and violence should Liberians vote yes during the referendum on Christianizing the country.

IT IS AN established fact that people do not think and act the same way, which is why the world DEMOCRACY was introduced to give people the choice of deciding on issues.

GETTING PEOPLE TO agree on issues is a very difficult task and even at the level of the United Nations Security Council, delegates have to vote on issues before the world body makes the final determination.

WHATEVER THE MAJORITY agrees is final and bounding on all because in the end what is agreed will govern the same majority that makes the decision.

IF DEMOCRACY THROUGH transparent voting was not practiced today, the entire world could be in complete chaos as getting people in populated countries like Nigeria, the United States, Brazil and others to decide who becomes their leader will be something very impossible.

IT IS UNARGUABLE that not every citizen of a nation agrees who becomes their president, but in the end an individual only needs the mandate of a majority which in most instances is just a little over half of the entire population of the country.

SOMETIMES MORE THAN 30% of the population of a country disagrees with the choice of the President, but they are obliged to accept the decision of the remaining 50% or a little over.

THERE IS NOWHERE in the world where 100% of people agree on the  laws or issues before they become bounding as this will perhaps never happen in modern history.

NO MATTER HOW cruel and wicked a law, it is meant to govern the majority and whatever the majority decides should be accepted by all.

IN THE CASE with the ongoing constitutional review process, we believe it is a very healthy process intended to have the aspirations of the majority become law.

LIBERIANS WHO ARE dissatisfied with the propositions to the constitution have the power and right to campaign against it ahead of legislative deliberations and pending referendum.

NO ONE NOW knows how Liberians will vote on the proposition, so it is equally wrong to begin inciting when the Liberian people have not spoken through a referendum.

THE BEST WAY to speak against a proposition in the constitution is by voting against it and through encouraging other Liberians to do the same.

THERE IS ABSOLUTELY no way in getting a 100% consensus on all the provisions of any constitution in the world, least to speak of Liberia, this is why a national referendum is the best way forward.

WE ENCOURAGE LIBERIANS who are against the proposition seeking to Christianize Liberia to seek the path of democracy by beginning to vigorously campaign against acceptance of the proposition during the referendum.

THREATS OF SECESSION, violence and other forms of undemocratic means against a law are not tenets of modern democracy and must not be proffered by any well-meaning Liberian.

MORE BESIDES, IN a society with the high illiteracy rate, undemocratic comments serve as the breeding ground for misguided individuals to disturb the fragile peace of Liberia.

LIBERIA’S DEMOCRACY IS on the right path and it is irreversible; therefore those seeking to use religious disagreements on law to begin inciting people must take heed and desist, and rather prepare to express their dissatisfactions through the ballot.