Monrovia – The next general and presidential election in Liberia is about two years away, but elected officials are getting anxious that they might be ousted by voters at the polls. The Congress for Democratic Change (CDC) Montserrado County District #7 Representative Solomon George has begged the people of West Point for pardon and called for common ground. He urged them to put all their differences aside and keep the torch of peace burning in the Township.

"Everything we did in this township should fall behind us and let us work to move the Township forward”, the lawmaker said. “I accept everything you threw at me during our misunderstanding in last August; people misunderstood what happened and what we said during the West Point quarantine”. Representative George called on the people to think positive about West Point and push for development.

“I say sorry to all those I hurt during our misunderstanding, forgive me, I am your leader, and I also accept everything you did to me as well," he expressed. The CDC lawmaker spoke Sunday, March 29, 2015 when he was called to make a brief remarks at program marking the launch of the " Ebola must go after one year campaign," in West Point.

The program was launched by the Liberia Crusaders for Peace with sponsorship from Mercy Corps. The CDC Lawmaker, however, thanked the citizens of West Point for their resilience in fight the virus.

Drugs addicts’ comments hunt lawmaker

In August 2014, when the Ebola virus disease was ravaging in Monrovia, Representative George described the Township of West Point in Monrovia as the headquarters of ‘drug addicts’ in Liberia. “You talk about drugs; West Point is the headquarters of drug addicts. That area is also a major place for drug trafficking. We have been talking to some of our people to desist. I think we need more police stations and officers in West Point”, he declared at the time.

Gracing the Crusaders for Peace campaign in West Point, the lawmaker was quick to apologize, apparently after hearing that some youths were planning to boo at him and to protest against his presence in the district. Some of the angry youths expressed disappointment for the level of indiscipline the Representative has shown to the Township.  The aggrieved residents of West Point described Rep. George is an outlaw who had entered the Capitol Building at the detriment of District #7, using the CDC a conduit to get their votes.

We will boot him out

Steven Nimley, a resident of the West Point community said Rep. George lacks focus and respect for the people he represents. "How can a man who is representing us, call us drugs addicts, he wondered. "It  is now that he has realized that there are drug addicts in West Point, forgetting quickly that this is where he got most of his votes from... Maybe he was not understanding himself at the time he made the statement. What was in his brain has been cleared, that's why he has come to say sorry to us," Steven stated.

"If he tells us sorry, we will still vote him out in the next election. May what we did was bad, that's why he's behaving like that. If a man we stood in the sun to vote for can tell such nonsense and at the end of the day apologize because 2017 is around the corner, he's not going back in that House," Archie Boy Freeman, another resident of West Point noted.

The Township is located on a peninsula which juts out into the Atlantic Ocean between the Mesurado and Saint Paul Rivers. Home to approximately 75,000 people, it is one of Monrovia's most densely populated neighborhoods, and environmental degradation has gradually caused part of the peninsula to erode into the ocean.