Monrovia - The Township of West Point was on Sunday, March 29, 2015 filled with happiness from residents of the township and immediate environs during the launch of the 'Ebola Must Go’ after one year campaign by the Liberia Crusaders for Peace. The campaign is intended to educate the people of Liberia not to be complacent in fighting the virus. The program was launched in West Point due to the huge population of the Township.

Speaking at the program, the Crusaders for Peace Executive Director Juli Endee urged the people of West Point to continue their cooperation in the fight against the virus. "The people of West Point were cooperative during the outbreak, we were here last year when the outbreak started, people were afraid, but at the end of the day we all joined hands and we fought the virus," she noted.

Ambassador Endee dedicated the program to other sponsors, including Mercy Corps that sponsored the Ebola must go after one year campaign which is based on community engagements. "We owe it to Mercy Corps for community engagement in the fight against Ebola, because of the community's willingness the virus is gradually going away in the entire country with West Point as no exception," she noted.

Once a place of horror

Ambassador Endee said one year ago West Point was a place of horror where people were looking for rescue during the height of the Ebola virus outbreak. She disclosed that her organization has foot soldiers or communicators in various communities educating residents about the virus and how to prevent it.

For her part, the president of the Governor Council of Liberia, Musu Thompson pledged her council’s support to the process, saying the Crusaders for Peace willingness to educate the Liberian people is commendable. Madam Thompson praised the Crusaders for Peace Executive Director Juli Endee for her efforts. "The Governor Council of Liberia is happy that you came down to our level in teaching our people from all the tribes in Liberia about this virus through songs," she noted.

Also speaking, Mercy Corps Country Director, Penay Anderson vowed to continue her organization support to the Liberian people through the Crusaders for Peace.  Madam Anderson told FrontPageAfrica after the program that the initiative is intended for Liberians to keep being informed about the virus. She praised the Crusaders for Peace for their implementation of the campaign, saying Mercy Corps will continue such program in months to come.

Speaking earlier Montserrado County District #7 Representative Solomon George called for more sponsorship to the Crusaders for Peace in its fight to sensitize the people of Liberia about the virus. He said the people of West Point whom he represents are always willing to cooperate with government policy in fighting the virus.