Monrovia - FrontPageAfrica has gathered that the only confirmed Ebola positive patient in Liberia has died. According to sources, Ruth Tugbeh, 44, who was confirmed positive of the deadly virus on Friday, March 20, putting the gains against Ebola by Liberia at risk of reversal died at about 9:00 AM Liberian time on Friday. The patient was undergoing treatment at the Monrovia Medical Unit (MMU) managed by the United States public health service.

Recently providing an update on the patient, Dr. Francis Nah Kateh, Deputy Incident Manager of Liberia Ebola Response Team assured that the condition of the patient was stable and said she is being administered the best treatment. “Her condition is stable, she is receiving the best care, we are making sure that she survives to tell her story”, Dr. Kateh said.

Ruth was transferred from the Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) run ELWA-3 Ebola Treatment Unit (ETU) near Monrovia to the MMU few days ago. The patient allegedly contracted the virus through sexual intercourse with a male Ebola Survivor but health officials have said the man has gone more than 100 days since surviving from the virus.

Dr. Kateh disclosed on Thursday, March 26, during the week, that another person was showing signs and symptoms of the virus and has been placed into isolation.

Speaking at a news conference at the Ministry of Information, Dr. Kateh said specimen from the contact patient has been taken and the resultant lab information will be publicized. Dr. Kateh emphasized that given the current stage of the health crisis, continual information sharing with the public is essential in alleviating fear and suspicion.

Meanwhile, Dr. Kateh has also disclosed that another suspected Ebola patient was extracted from the Clara Town community on March 23 and taken to an ETU for further medical examination.

According to Dr. Kateh,  the IMS is currently going through active investigation to authenticate the status of the suspected patient as well as find out the primary cause of the recent infection which hampered progress to becoming an Ebola-free nation.

This confirmation by Dr. Kateh means that Liberia now has two suspected and one confirmed Ebola cases, a condition which validates that Liberia still faces threats from the virus that killed over 10,000 people in West Africa.