Liberia's government announces that the whistleblower in the ongoing LACC investigation died a natural accident

Monrovia - After a month of investigation, with two autopsies conducted several eye witness accounts and interviews of over twenty interested persons and a revelation of a new identity of the decease Michael Allison, the government of Liberia has announced that there is no evidence linking anybody to the death of the whistle blower.

“The Liberian National Police did not receive any evidence nor did it uncover any evidence for its investigation that the manner of death was criminal” Justice Minister Cllr. Benedict Sannoh told a news briefing Wednesday. Minister Sannoh said that the investigation did not cover any evidence of foul play that Allison death was induced by the conduct of anybody or their instrumentality.

“We hereby announce that the government of Liberia considered that the body found was natural resulting from drowning,” Sannoh added. Minister Sannoh explained that the investigation conducted by the LNP is intended to determine whether a crime has occurred and to identify, arrest, interrogate and charge, they have probable cause to believe a crime was committed.

“The report issued and concluded that the cause of death was drowning, the manner of death is considered consistent with an accident, it is the duty of a medical expert to identify the cause of death”, Justice Minister Cllr. Benedict Sannoh

Over the months there were many conflicting information surrounding the death of Allison, with some believing that he was murdered because of the ongoing Liberia Anti-Corruption Commission (LACC) investigation over payments made between the National Oil Company of Liberia (NOCAL) and the National Legislature while others say he went for a swim at night and got drowned.

In the course of the saga the Government of Liberia brought two pathologists a Sierra Leonean and an American to conduct separate autopsies. According to the government the both autopsies established that the death was caused by drowning.

“The report issued and concluded that the cause of death was drowning, the manner of death is considered consistent with an accident, it duty of a medical expert to identify the cause of death,” Cllr. Sannoh said. The Minister said, no one has been implicated in the death of the deceased or they made have contributed to his death. “There will be no charges and this investigation is with due purpose is now closed,” Cllr. Sannoh said.

Justice Minister Sannoh said, there has been a series of reports that does not represent the true story about the death of Atty. Allison. “Since this incident we have read series of reports, many of which have been pregnant with lies and false accusations,” Cllr. Sannoh said.

Dead man identity questioned

The government in its investigation has also indicated that the name Michael Allison was not the deceased real identity. “There is no record that has Allison to his name, no evidence had it that he was referred to as Michael Allison. The body that was found was a citizen of America,” Minister Sannoh said.

The Justice Minister said that the whistle blower lived a dubious life, adding that the Allison case has indicted the passport department, Liberia National Bar Association and the Bureau of Vital Statistics. The Justice Minister said, based on the investigation the body that was found on the beach is that of Mr. Maurice Bright Jr., born in Bahamas on December 8, 1967.

“On November 16 2005 in America Mr. Bright was issued a passport name Nkrumah Moziah Nadia Mulani which indicated that he was born December 18, 1967. Mummie also had two Liberian Passports one was issued July 7 2006 which listed his place of birth New York America, on February 1, 2012 he was issued another passport Liberian passport which he said, his place of birth was Harper.”

Cllr. Sannoh said the dead man second Liberian passport identifies him as Nkrumah Moziah Mulani-Allison. The Justice Minister argued that there is no record how Allison was added to the deceased name. “His birth certificate shows Gley D. Allison as his father as opposed to Gray D. Allison that we all know his nationality as Sierra Leonean. We have seen no evidence how he came to be referred to as Michael Allison,” Cllr. Sannoh said.

The deceased was contracted to provide legal services in a National Oil Consultation by the National Legislature. The method of payment became controversial, leading to intervention by the LACC, which prompted the agency to launch and immediate investigation followed by arrest. While the investigation is still ongoing, known as Allison, the deceased was found dead on a beach in Monrovia.