Monrovia - The General Auditing Commission (GAC) has forwarded several recommendations for possible action on audit reports of the Public works Ministry for the year 2009/2010 to 2011/2012 under the administration of former Minister Luseni  Donzo.

The GAC among several recommendations calls for Minister Donzo, a Former Acting Minister only identified as Carpenter and acting comptroller Johns Gbalah to be held accountable on the variation of winning bid.  According to the Bid Analysis sheet from US$ 693,595 to US$ 887,945, there was a variance of US$194,350. The GAC in its report also stated that the amount mentioned includes US$ 151,000.00 with payment made to Consolidated Group Inc.

“For example the Ministry of Public Works submitted a voucher in the amount of US$ 205, 000 to be paid to Consolidated Group Inc., while the bid Analysis sheet submitted by the Consolidated Group shows a price bid of US$ 53, 900. The report states that these officials should be held accountable for breaching section 131 of the PPCC stipulated in section 138 of the PPCC acts of 2005.

The GAC is also recommending in its report number 193 that the  Public works Minister Donzo, Carpenter and Gbalah be reprimanded for seemingly conspiring and syndicating with Consolidated Group Inc. to defraud the government of Liberia to the tune of US$ 877,945.

“These ministers did not reject this equipment on the basis of detailed report prepared by the mobile equipment Division; instead minister Donzo sought to undermine the engineers’ work by supporting and accepting an independent committee report that was flawed and pre-designed,” stated the report.

“Minister Donzo should be reprimanded for not taking any action against consolidated Group Inc. for refusing to deliver the pre-heater for which it won a bid to make functional the mobile  the Asphalt plant, which  the government of Liberia spent US$ 205,00.”

The report also recommended that the chairman and members of the GSA’s “Independent committee” should be held to account and prosecuted for producing a bogus report to undermine, not only the work of the Public Works engineers, but also the waste of Liberian Taxpayers' money costing Liberia the tune of US$ 877,945.of variation of contract as parts was not provided.

In a Memorandum of understanding signed between the government of Liberia through the Public Works Ministry with Consolidated Group Inc to supply Grader GR150, instead Consolidate Group Inc provided Grader 135, a lower model. Section 135 of the PPCC Act requires that a procuring entity shall request the appropriate approving authority-PPCC for variation, extension, modification.

In keeping with the Public Financial Management Regulation (PFM) section A.20 on breach of financial discipline calls for disciplinary action to be taken for misconduct against the head of the government agency who has contravened any instruction specified in the regulation or accounting manual.

Rule 21 which speaks on the implication of the same regulation calls for payment to be made only on full and satisfactory completion of goods and services. No part payment on partial completion of delivery of goods and services shall be made unless otherwise specified in the contract.

At a Public hearing held by the Legislative Public Account Committee the current minister of Public Works Gyude Moore, told members of the committee that as a new minister, he has put in place measures that will avoid a recurrence of financial missed steps and mismanagement.