Fellow politicians, I'm pleased to advocate for a mandatory FREE PUBLIC SCHOOL EDUCATION in LIBERIA, from Grades 1 thru 12.  I personally think that such initiative is necessary and worth exploring, given that we're still recovering from the CIVIL WAR, that left many of our youths who are now seeing themselves as adults and craving to take charge of  their country political leadership without proper preparation.


Folks, the challenges at hand are real, serious and dangerous, and can be seen or found pretty much EVERYWHERE in OUR COUNTRY, LIBERIA Therefore, we shouldn't overlook them in the name of "the country is at peace or no more guns sound", without asking ourselves for how long? In my view, It appear very feeble for anyone to say, because they never had free public education in Liberia when they were growing up, therefore others shouldn't have it as well; or because Liberia cannot provide it due to lack of money.

I think this call cannot grow any louder than this, especially, when we take into consideration that many of our brothers and sisters who were denied the opportunity of attending school due to the civil war, are now having  kids  without  job. Folks, we must understand and stop living in denial, when it comes to these social and political challenges and threat that resulted from our civil unrest, which we need to tackle seriously through workable strategy. I'm sure we can achieve this goal, if we can find and close the many loopholes that are out there in government that the peoples are not benefiting from, and also by cutting the paychecks of high paid government officials. 

Politics is "showing good judgment". Therefore, we all must now begin this new journey with such mindset, since we are fighting for the well-being of those who are relying on us for directions. Don't be deterred nor allow anyone to destroy your confidence about what you think can work in making Liberia a better place, that you may have. I asked that you join me in making this free public schools education in Liberia from grade 1st through 12th a must campaign to help resolve this growing and serious threat facing our nation's and future. With that, My energy will not be focusing on this failed and lame duck president  going  forward, but on some of the mess that she helped create; with no clue of resolving in 12 years!......


James Marshall.
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