The Editor,

Great editorial FPA that will blend with two important letters addressed to Ellen Johnson Sirleaf that I promised my thousands of LANS news (518-556-1343) listeners will air this weekend. Written by Thomas Woewiyu and the respected Dr. Byron Tarr, the letters tell chilling tales about the major players of Liberians who plunged our country into the 14-year genocidal holocaust.  One played a pivotal role in the mayhem while the other didn't want anything to do with the deaths and destructions that would come to Liberians because of the greed for political. Hence, the roll calls of Liberians who would shed the blood of 250,000 innocent Liberians.

It is worth noting that Tom Woewiyu, who would become the Defense Minister of the notorious NPFL rebel group, methodically detailed in his now historic expose, "Open Letter to Madame Ellen Johnson Sirleaf," the core group and their secret meetings and illegal fund raising activities in America in plotting to remove the duly elected head of state of another country. And in her book, appropriately or inappropriately titled, "This Child Will Be Great," Ellen Johnson," Ellen's road to "greatness" ironically would be red carpeted with the innocent blood of the very people she sought to govern. And after hijacking power in what is now open secret in two questionable and fraud tinted presidential elections, it is understandable why she is putting up roadblocks in preventing the implementation of the legally binding Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) Reports despite calls by Liberians and the United Nations for its implementation, especially going after the ring leaders who bear the greatest responsibility for war crimes and crimes against humanity.
Hence, the importance of the 2017 presidential elections cannot be overemphasized. Ellen and company would do whatever it takes to make sure to hand power to her stooges who would not implement the TRC Report and go after her.
 As for Dr. Byron Tarr prophetic letter written from Swaziland in Southern Africa, he foresaw a return to the old status quo of the tiny minority Americo-Liberian domination of the native/tribal majority in the proposed makeup of the post Samuel Doe regime. He questioned and against what he saw as the Monrovia Club domination in the proposed "Cabinet". He said wanted tangible and convincing justification for the exclusion of most tribal people in the Cabinet, especially since the majority of fighters with Charles Taylor came from the Gio and Mano tribes.

He wanted to know why weren't Moses Duopo, Sam Dokie and Jackson F. Doe, all prominent Nimba citizens considered for any Cabinet posts since it was their tribal fights in the NPFL were bearing most of the burden to remove Samuel Doe. Hence, he said, therefore, he didn't want anything to do with the proposed post Doe government, and why today he has kept his distant from Ellen.
Jerry WehteeWion, Journalist
Political Commentator, Washington, DC, USA
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