Monrovia - As part of efforts to increase monitoring of Ebola Contacts within hotspot communities in Montserrado County, National Volunteers’ Supervisors and Monitors of the UNDP Supported Montserrado Community Based Initiative have been issued new ZTE V795 dual SIM smartphones to enhance monitoring and supervision of Active Case Finders in the field.

The phones, issued to 50 Supervisors and 18 Monitors are to be used for effective and efficient data collection and processing. The new ZTE V795 dual SIM smart-phones are loaded with various applications that allow effective collection and uploading of data from Active Case Finders working within over 7 Districts in Montserrado County. Supervisors and Monitors from five (5) districts, including #s 4, 6, 7 (West Point), 15 and 16 were served.

The phones are also programmed for closed user group (CUG) among the supervisors, monitors and the MCBI project team. MCBI Information Technology (IT) Associate, Thomas P. Harris said unlike in the past where the supervisors were contacted individually to collect data from the field, the smart phones will now make it easier and convenient for both the Supervisors and the MCBI IT team.

“With this application now, the Supervisors will get the data from the Active Case Finders and just upload from wherever they are and we’ll receive it here at the EOC (Emergency Operations Center)” Harris said. He said the monitors will use the CUG to communicate with their supervisors and the team at the EOC in cases of emergency related to the speedy uploading of daily reports from the field.

The Montserrado Community Based Initiative (MCBI) is a UNDP supported project that takes cognizance of the need for community involvement in the national Ebola response, to stop the spread of the Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) and its eventual elimination from Liberia. The project has mobilized over 1,300 community volunteers for active case finding in various communities.

In addition to discovering Ebola cases and contacts in these communities, volunteers are also tasked with carrying out door-to-door community sensitization on the prevention of Ebola infection, identification of the sick and dead and contact tracing among others.