Monrovia - The President of Barkedu Development Association (BDA) based in the United States of America has described the failure of the government of Liberia not to quarantine Barkedu Town after the outbreak of the Ebola virus as very outrageous and disappointing. Barkedu is one of the single towns in Lofa County that has recorded the largest number of deaths from the Ebola virus.

Abdullah S. Sheriff emphasized that the disease has killed more people in the town and district than any other part of the country due the government of Liberia through the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare failure to quarantine and open a treatment center in the town which he believes could have helped to save lives.

Sheriff confirmed that at present there are two hundred and fifty (250) Ebola cases in Barkedu Town and Quardu Gboni District and that he thinks the only way the majority of their people could have survived from the disease was for the government to quarantine the entire district and provide for the people the necessary medical treatments and food.

The BDA head lamented that that since the outbreak of the disease in Lofa, one hundred and thirty people (130) from Barkedu and Quardu Gboni District were taken to the Foya treatment center and that seventy (70) out of the 130 people have died and another 34 people from Barkedu have also died and that all of them were buried without medical advice which has created many Ebola suspected cases among citizens of the town and district.

“If President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf government should win the “ninety (90) days State of Emergency War” against the deadly Ebola Virus in Liberia, she must do everything possible to open centers in Barkedu which has been singled out to have largest Ebola cases in Liberia.”

He described the State of Emergency declared by the government with the aim of eliminating the virus that has taken the lives of more than six hundred Liberians since the outbreak as a step forward, but added that the State of Emergency would not have taken place if the proper mechanisms were put into place at the beginning of the situation.

Sheriff paid tribute to several of his kinsmen including former Lofa County Representative Honorable Malian K. Jallabah, Representative Mariam B. Fofana, Senator Sumo Kupee, Superintendent George Dunor, Chief Musa Kamara, Chief Musa Sesay and Professor Alhaji G. V. Kromah along with other citizens of their town and district for their tireless hard work and contributions to the district and people during this Ebola disaster and said he hopes that they will continue their support to their people.