Monrovia - As every institution of government strives toward building its capacity to meet the numerous demands of the Liberian populace, the country’s partners continue to make goodwill as a duty to help the process of reconstruction in the country ravished by years of civil crisis.

As testimony to the foregoing, the Japanese International Corporation Agency or JICA recently donated nine trucks to the Management of the Liberia Electricity Corporation or LEC as its way of identifying with the efforts by the government to provide electricity to the people of Liberia.

JICA’s donation is also intended to build the “material capacity of the LEC- the government agency responsible to provide electricity to both public and private institutions to include homes.

Making the presentation on behalf of JICA, Project Management Service or PMS’ Chief Executive Officer- the local partner of the Japanese corporation, Mr. Ambray Seyon Moses, said the donation included five double cab trucks, one Auger and Crane Truck, one Aerial Bucket Truck, one Cargo Crane Truck and spare parts lot for the vehicles in the case of repair.

“We’re making this donation on behalf of JICA to the LEC family; JICA has been a good partner in this reconstruction process of our dear country, and we think these vehicles will be of great help to the LEC Management for a long period of time.

Realizing the issue of repair, JICA has created lots for spare parts of those cars so that there can be a good shift at all times,” Mr. Moses said in an interview on Monday at the main office of the LEC on the Bushrod Island in Monrovia. According to him, the essence of the donation was to help in the maintenance of work, as well as to facilitate the improvement of transmission and distribution of electricity through targeted areas.

PMS is an international project management Services Company registered in the Republic of Liberia with affiliate partners in Japan. It is dedicated to assuring customized technical consultancy to propel organizations and individuals in achieving project objectives.

Receiving the donation on behalf of management, the Acting Chief Executive Officer of the LEC, Mr. Curtis Lavallee expressed thanks and appreciation to JICA for the donation, emphasizing that it came at a time the LEC was in dying need of  such logistics. He assured that the management would put policies and guidelines in place to properly manage the vehicles.

The Japanese International Corporation Agency, through its implementing partners- Mitsubishi Corporation and Dai Nippon Construction Companies, are rehabilitating the 10 Mega Watts Monrovia Power System facilitates on the LEC Bushrod Island  Compound.

The rehabilitation exercise should have been completed last December to no avail.  Many of the country’s foreign partners are reportedly returning to their respective countries with the anticipation of coming back when the fight against the deadly Ebola disease subsides.