The Editor,

The final report of Liberia's Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) shall be used as a witness platform against Liberian Warlords. Even though they have testified at the TRC hearings, former Warlords, and their financiers have demonized the TRC final recommendations only to escape from justice. But that is not all; they have also chosen to believe that the establishment of a Liberian War Crimes court as recommended by the TRC is "unconstitutional under Liberian law".

Illusively, they think a Liberian War Crimes Courts can only happen if the TRC final recommendations stand. The thing is, whether they accept the final recommendations or not, comments made by these very Warlords, and their financiers at the TRC hearings are firsthand testimonies of what they did, as well as what they saw happened during the Liberian civil war. These testimonies are very important in a court of law because all those who testified were not coerced by anyone to do so.

Testimonies of War Crimes, and Crimes against humanity that were given during the TRC hearings, will help minimize the time, and expenses involved in looking for witnesses to testify in a Liberian War Crimes Courts. In fact these testimonies were recorded on video, and are available on the TRC Website, and can be viewed by the general public. After they have testified against themselves at the TRC hearings, Liberian Warlords and their financiers still find it hard to understand that their actions during Liberia's civil wars did not only violate the constitution of Liberia, but also violate international laws. And that is where the issue of War crimes court comes in.

Bernard Gbayee Goah,
President, Operation We Care for Liberia
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