President Weah Makes More Appointments in Local Government

President Weah Makes More Appointments in Local Government

Monrovia, Liberia: President George Manneh Weah has made further appointments in government affecting the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Those appointed include:

Ministry of Internal Affairs

Momolu S. Johnson  -    Deputy Minister for Administration

Joseph Jangar    - Assistant Minister for Culture & Customs

Losene Siryon   - Assistant Minister for Technical Services

Ayoubah L. Fofana  -  Assistant Minister for Communal Farming

Margibi County:

Jerry Varnie   - Superintendent

David F. Suakollie  -  Assistant Superintendent for Development

Kpakanay Gbankpala -  County Inspector

Emmanuel M. Goll   -   City Mayor

Rivercess County:

Bismark Karbiah - Superintendent

Amos G. Somah    -   Assistant Superintendent for Development

Elijah C. Kaysaynee    -  Assistant Superintendent for Fiscal Affairs

Daniel Tokoe Doe   -  County Inspector

Vicky Biah  - City Mayor

Morris Kehkeh  -  Project Planner

Vicky Biah  -   City Mayor

Joseph O. Robertson   -  Statutory District Superintendent, Monweh Statutory District                                                              

Morris Duah  -    Assistant Superintendent for Development, Monweh Statutory District

Marcus Blah - Statutory District Superintendent, Central Rivercess District

Robert Yonloe     -   Assistant Superintendent for Development, Central Rivercess District

Henry Sobeor - Statutory District Commissioner, Yarnee Statutory District                  

Abidina Brown   -  Assistant Superintendent for Development, Yarnee Statutory District

Abraham Barkay     -  District Commissioner, Central “C” District

Sam Gbarsleh   -  District Commissioner, Nyorwein District

Simeon Sahn   -    District Commissioner, Zarflahn District

Murphy Bloh    -   District Commissioner, Fen River District

Paul Ganwaye   -   District Commissioner, Jo-River District

Jones Nagbo  -  District Commissioner, Doedain District

Dennis Seeboe   - District Commissioner, Sam Gbalor District

Emmanuel Gbae    -    District Commissioner,  Beawor District

Sampson Melis -   Township Commissioner, Yarpah Township

Nathaniel Zokruah  -  Township Commissioner, Charlie Township

Benjamin Beah   - Township Commissioner, ITI Township

Jefferson Tarr  -   Township Commissioner, Little Liberia Township

Edward Fanciah    -  Township Commissioner, Rockcess Township

Matthew Glassco  -  Township Commissioner, Guuweir Township

Sinoe County

Lee Nagbe Chea  -  Superintendent

Maryland County

George A. Prowd, Sr.   -   Superintendent

Anthony S. W. Bedell, Sr. -   Assistant Superintendent for Fiscal Affairs  

Abraham B. Jackson -   Commissioner, Harper District

Ellen B. Howe  - City Mayor, Harper District

Grand Cape Mount County Leadership

Aaron B. Vincent    -  Superintendent

Mr. Boima G. Kamara   -     Assistant Superintendent for Development

Mr. Olando K. Woyeeh   - Assistant Superintendent for Fiscal Affairs

Eric Penneh   -   County Inspector

Varney A. Sheriff     - Relieving Commission

Edwin Korha - City Mayor

District Leadership

Mr. Lawrence S. Brown   -    Porkpa District Commissioner

Haji Jaliebah - Tewor District Commissioner

Clarence Kamara   -  Garwula District Commissioner

Arthur M. Konneh  -   Gola Konneh District Commissioner

Porkpa-Gola Konneh - Statutory District Leadership

Frank M. Sheriff  -  Statutory Superintendent

Lamin Coleman - Assistant Superintendent for Development

Kerbeluh Konneh  -   Relieving Commissioner

Patrick Alieu    -    Statutory Inspector

Mambu Jaliebah   -  City Mayor

Township leadership - Porkpa District

Moses M. Seitua   -   R.H. Sherman Township

Mohammed B. Mabande   -   Stephen  A. Tolbert Township

Jengbay Seitua   -  Kongo, Mano River Township

Tewor District

Varney K. Fahnbulleh    -  Talla Township

Miatta Kamara  -   Mano River Union Township

Gola Konneh District

Momo M. Kaikondo    -  Beh-Gondor Township

Garwula District

Stephen M. Perry   -  Madina Township


Cecelia Jolo - City Mayor, Zwedru City

Wilson Z. Deleth  -  Superintendent, Gbarzon Statutory District

William Gbarjolo - Inspector, Gbarzon Stautory District

David Nyonsean Togbasie   -   Land Commissioner, Gbarzon Statutory District

Alphonso Wrotto -  Township Commissioner,

Kai Farley Township

William Quartis -   Township Commissioner, B’hai Administrative District

Sam Tody   -   District Commissioner, Gboe/Tloe Administrative District

Nelson Kosso  -   District Commissioner, Gbao Administrative District

Prince Seo   -   Local Aide-de-Camp

Arthur Peal   -  City Mayor, Jarwoodee                                     

Benson Dunner   -  City Mayor, Ziah

Moses Monroe    -  Toe City Major

Milton Sharty    -     Inspector,   B’hai District

S.K. Sobue Wulue  -   Commissioner, Tchien Administrative District

Daniel Zohn Grear -   Commissioner, Cavalla Administrative District

Philip Geneyan   - City Mayor, Zleh


Washington Yonly   - Project Planner

Moses Dweh  - Land Commissioner


Paul T. Neeo, Sr.   -   County Inspector

Henry B. Freeman   - Relieving Commissioner


 Jerome Dweh  -  Commissioner, Tarlueville Township

Harrison D. Ninneh   -  Commissioner, Tofoi Township

Naykeomu Naynyeeh  - Commissioner, Duogee Township

Doris Juan  -    Commissioner, Toe Township

Junior Todey   -    District Inspector

Blowah Gahai    -   Commissioner, Baileyville Township

Amos Gbeyor  -  Commissioner, Suaken Township

George Towah   -    Commissioner, Jarjoy Township

Isaiah Sayouah Seoh   -   Commissioner, Gurjarla Township                

Arth Yonton   - Commissioner, Cheyee Gbutu Township

Chayee Bantoe   - Commissioner, Podee Township

Richard Dweh  -   Commissioner, Boe-Gee Won Township

Isaac Gweh -  Commissioner, Kaola Faoley Township

Prince Tartey - Commissioner, Blayee Jailah Township

Peter Niah  -   Commissioner, Nenebo Township


Capt. David C. Togba   -  Local Aide-de-Camp


Philip Z. Joh   -  Assistant Superintendent for Fiscal Affairs

These appointments are subject to confirmation by the Honorable Liberian Senate where applicable.