Bridge International Academies to Improve Learning in Liberia

Bridge International Academies to Improve Learning in Liberia

Monrovia - Across five countries with over 100,000 students, Bridge International Academies give quality education to the families that need it most because they simply can’t afford it.

What makes this relevant some may say? For Bridge, every single day, we seek to improve and build on our systems, curriculum content, and means of engagement with parents, communities, governments, and education stakeholders in providing a holistic approach to learning.

Bridge International Academies have deep roots in African and Asian countries; Kenya, Uganda, Nigeria, Liberia and India where it gives equal chance to underprivileged children to acquire quality education.

As envisioned by the Sustainable Development Goals, the public and private sector are leveraging their respective strengths to support teachers in their duties and children in their day-to-day learning.

The government of Liberia has taken bold steps towards improving the education system.

The reality is, Liberians want and deserve top-better schools! As one of eight partners, Bridge Partnership Schools for Liberia is determined to collectively aid in this achievement.

Under the MOU signed with the Ministry of Education, Bridge PSL is managed with autonomy within the existing laws to deliver on improved learning gains to benefit each child, and the country.

To accomplish this, we call on you, the average Liberian citizen, mother, civil servant, educator, parent, and child, to stand for the education you know is deserved, because it starts with you!

If we are truly dedicated to ending the education crisis, we will stand for meaningful impact.

Take for example, the over-age enrolment statistics in Liberia. Years of civil war crippled families and communities causing limited access to primary education.

Harry Patrinos, World Bank Global Manager for Education, asserts that some 82% of Liberian students in primary school exceed the age for their grade.

As Mama Liberia continues to pick up the pieces and make great strides towards putting its citizens, children, and communities first, the Bridge Partnership seeks to aid in the education initiative. Can one group, one person, or one government revolutionize the education system?

Partnerships create an even space for players involved, to actively pair minds to provide the best possible outcomes for the Liberian children and their future.

Tomorrow, they will be your leaders, your policy makers, teachers, scientists, and parents so they all deserve the same chance at becoming their best.

Alternative approaches to education provides an even playing field in the education system.

Bridge Partnership Schools for Liberia represents a diversified approach to learning, and millions of families and children around the globe are responding to addressing this need. Unfortunately, some parties wish to remain un-informed and hinder the proactive reach of the partnership to over 8,000 pupils to date learning at our 25 schools.

Distractors are demeaning the efforts from educators, parents, teachers, and partners alike. Bridge PSL intends on keeping the public informed about the progress and acts being made to increase learning outcomes- we value, respect, and celebrate the incredible benefits of education to all Liberians.

For the partnership initiative though at the pilot stage, Bridge Partnership Schools is dedicated to ensuring that our primary students in Liberia acquire top results as scholars and in co-curricular activities.

We celebrate the achievements of all our academies as with the latest released 2016 KCPE results demonstrating exemplary performance by Bridge students at our Kenya schools:

2016 KCPE Results:

  • Top score of 406 - 5 pupils scoring above 400 marks
  • More than 25 pupils scoring above 380 marks
  • More than 600 pupils scoring above 300 marks
  • Average of 292 marks for pupils studying at Bridge for at least five years with nearly 3/4 of them passing
  • Average of 286 marks for pupils studying at Bridge for at least four years with nearly 3/4 of them passing
  • Average of 275 marks for pupils studying at Bridge for at least three years with 67% of them passing
  • Average of 264 marks for pupils studying at Bridge for at least two years with 59% of them passing
  • 56 academies with 100% pass rate of pupils attending for at least two years
  • 12 entire counties with 70% pass rate of pupils attending for at least two years
  • First two Bridge International Academies opened in Mukuru Kwa Njenga and Mukuru Kwa Reuben in 2009 had 100% pass rate of pupils who studied there for at least two years
  • In 2015, Bridge also did very well in KCPE, with over 4 pupils scoring above 400 marks, over 750 pupils scoring above 300, and our first two academies, Mukuru Kwa Njenga and Mukuru Kwa Reuben achieving a 100% rate

Co-curricular Success:

At Bridge pupils excel at more than just exams! Bridge complies with the 8:30am to 3:30pm timetable with daily co-curricular activities.

In Liberia, the #LighttoLearn initiative brought awareness to the energy and education needs.

Over 2,000 of our students partook in a regional competition showcasing their dance, song, and poetry talents for a chance to win at the finals where Akon selected the winners.

Even in Kenya, 200+ Bridge pupils took part in the National Music Festival from 21 Bridge International Academies, winning 1st place in solo dance & winning six gold medals in Taekwondo at the National Sports competition.

As we continue with the pilot program, as much as we are encouraging and providing learning mechanisms to pupils and teachers, so is the Bridge Partnership.

We are learning about our partnership communities, the needs and challenges that exist, and the opportunities that can help reaffirm the foundation for great education throughout this nation.

Teachers hired by Bridge PSL have often been called into question.

The Global Campaign for Education report indicated that “trained, qualified and well-supported teachers remained a critical factor in determining quality education.”

At Bridge, teacher training starts and never stops- learning is constant. Recently, 120 hours of training for 33 new RTTI graduates set the pace for their role as educators.

Just as much as our students are evolving and growing- so are our teachers and it doesn’t end there. 3,500 additional seating along with 29,673 learning materials have been provided to date.

Our quest to change the lives of the disadvantaged and compromised child was a bold one- it had to be done

The Bridge partnership initiative develops meaningful relationships with the community, teachers, and parents to address core concerns and collaborate their views, direction, and involvement.

Bridge International Academics has invested over $100m, treating education as a science, using data to drive technology and pedagogical innovation -- all to benefit children, families, and countries in the developing world. 

Perhaps there has been so little change in education because of the fear of bringing in the smartest minds and the resources to treat education like a science.

It requires courage and focus to provide the support needed to inspire and guide teachers and children.

Admittedly, it took courage for the Liberian people to recognize the need for change.

For that, Bridge Partnership Schools for Liberia is not despaired or shaken by the allegations made as a campaign effort to create doubt and distrust in the partnership initiative.

Efforts to suppress and shade the improvements from the government and its eight partnership schools peals away the layers of improvements thus far.

It’s time to move past the limitations and setbacks from parties that haven’t employed over 6,000 people with jobs, who haven’t given over 100,000 students across the continent quality education from high learning performing schools.

We challenge those who wish to weaken and crumble the efforts of the partnership, and key players to go out to our partnership schools.

See the strides being made, speak with parents, teachers, and the community at large. Communicate with Bridge PSL on acquiring the information you need- not what’s alleged.

If we are truly inspired to draw from the brightest minds in Liberia, and give them- the teachers, principals, VPI and school administrators the best chance at giving Liberia its education system back, then we must keep the focus on that.

Liberia places its value on the national future and as Liberians and global citizens, we are the ones that drive the next generation to their full potential. Stand with us as we stand for education and the Liberian people towards making each step in education count.