Monrovia - As Liberians struggle to battle the deadly Ebola virus that has claimed the lives of more than two hundred persons excluding the unidentified or abandoned bodies, Residents of Old CID Road Mamba Point, caught an alleged perpetrator who was suspected of attempting to poison their well.


Ericson Bright, a resident of the Robert Street Community in Mamba Point explained that last Sunday morning, two bottles of formaldehyde was found closed to the area well. "We saw a fella who was very strange, standing close to the well, so we got hold of him, and ask him were did he come from. He give conflicting statement, that he is an Argo oil seller who lives Johnson street, but came to find a customer who buys his Argo oil in Mamba Point.”

The area resident explained: “We told him let’s go to the place, forgetting to know that I live in the community, and he took me to where I live and when I said this was where I live and I have been sitting here for the pass three to four hours, it could not be me. Then I said your story is fake, so I started to check him and found tide soap in his pocket, and when somebody yell and said these were the people who are going around poisoning wells to kill people, the crowd started to beat him and he started running then the crowd follow after him but he Managed to escape.” He said.

As a result of the incident, Bright says the neighborhood has put in place safety measures to protect the wells at all times. He added that the former community leader’s wife Mrs. Passaweh, urged all youth of the community to come out at night and help protect the well from the mercenaries.

The constant and attempted poisoning of community wells in Dolo Town Harbel, ELWA community, Matadi, Capital Bye pass, has also left some citizens dead, while some suspects are being questioned by the Liberian National Police.

In 2013, a woman who prepares a rice porridge known as “morning Calama” mistakenly killed her three children when she poisoned the entire pot of porridge to sell to her regular customers.

But when she left to go and have her bath, her children who did not know about the poisoned porridge, because they were asleep, dished up some porridge from the pot and ate it. Upon coming from the bathroom, she met her kids lying on the floor, started yelling before confessing that she was paid to do it by some unknown people.