Why Is Joseph Boakai Is Flying To The Southeast of Liberia

Why Is Joseph Boakai Is Flying To The Southeast of Liberia

The Editor,

Can you imagine, Vice President Joseph Boakai is flying to the South East!!! Why can he not drive through like the leader of the Alternative National Congress (ANC). 

It is clear that He does not want to experience the bad road conditions or face the people on that issue because he does not care see their living conditions.  

Joseph Boakai, the Unity Party candidate, mentioned at the debate (August 17th, 2017) that his first priority is road. After 12 years, is he just realizing that road is a priority! 

If you put him there again it will take another 12 years before he will attempt to do something about it. 

So what are you supposed to be doing while he is thinking on what to do; just wait continuously in your misery and poverty?   

I don’t think so; you can get real change now from an Alexander B. Cummings-ANC lead government. He will fix the road if you elect him. 

How can you ask to lead the people of the South East when you have done nothing for 12 years to help them travel unhandled along those bad roads?  

Think about it, he really does not care about your bad road situation. How many of you can afford to fly. 

So, since you cannot fly, you must just remain there and live in abject poverty; that is exactly what Joseph Boakai is saying to you. 

You need to see that and decide to vote for real change, vote for Alexander B. Cummings (ABC) of the ANC.

He goes to you by road to see and experience your hardship and by so doing gets a firsthand appreciate of your situation. 

Moses Bayogar ll,
Voinjama, Lofa, County